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  What We Do

We offer face to face individual, family, couple and group counselling to young people in the gender and sexually diverse community aged 12-25 years old. We want young people (and those who care about them) to know that they matter and they don’t have to navigate the hardships they may be facing alone.

Rainbow Community House is a safe and welcoming place for queer youth to be themselves and to become the person they want to be. It is a place young people and those who care about them can access support from experienced mental health professionals for a broad range of mental, emotional and relational struggles

Rainbow Community House aims to be a safe space where gender and sexually diverse youth will be respected regardless of how they define their sexuality. read more

Face to Face Counselling

Pain may seem never ending. It does not have to be. Help is here.


Face to face counselling, mentoring & accommodation (coming soon).

Legal Assistance

Think you might need legal advice? We are not lawyers, but we can help point you in the right direction.

Trans Youth Statistics

Self Harmed
Have Thought About Self harm
Attempted Suicide
Had Suicidal Thoughts
Diagnosed With Gender Dysphoria

Indigenous youth are 2-3 times more likely to self-harm or attempt suicide.

0 %
more likely to die by suicide
0 %
per 100,000 deaths are caused by suicide

for more information on queer mental health statistics, click here.

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