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Our Team

Clay Morse Rainbow Community House

Clay Morse (He/Him)

Founding Director 

The idea for starting Rainbow Community House stems from his own experience going through the mental health system at a time when LGBTIQA+ young people were told to lead a heteronormative life because anything else was not acceptable. Clay is originally from the USA, but Perth is now home. He loves reading, cooking, travelling, bushwalking and being outside in general. Clay also has two cats that keep him busy when he is not at work. 

Ben Shannahan (He/Him)

Family Therapist

 Ben grew up in Perth but lived and worked in London, UK for many years which included work with gender and sexually diverse young people in the national health service and in independent practice. This included supporting young people to influence local organisations and the community to support the development of a culture of inclusivity in schools and mental health settings.

Ben is passionate about working alongside young people of diverse identities as they journey towards discovering the person they are becoming. He is very conscious of the challenges that so often emerge in this process for young people and their relationships with others as tensions arise in the intersection of their emerging identities and gendered, cultural, religious/spiritual and community values and beliefs (to name a few).  

Ben works from an assumption that people are separate from problems; the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem. He’s interested in how people are impacted by and are responding to experiences of injustice, what gets people through in the face of hardships and how a person’s connections with beliefs, values, people, culture and other aspects of identity can help them to heal and create new possibilities in their lives and relationships.

When working with people in therapy, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. Ben likes to adapt his approach to fit with the needs and preferences of the people he works with. He aims to discover and focus on questions, experiences, hopes and dilemmas that are important to people’s lives and relationships. In addition to talking, Ben likes to draw on creative processes that include people’s interests and passions, art, music, film, internet resources, poetry and metaphor (amongst other things!) in his work with people.

Ben works with individuals, couples, and groups as well as meeting with families in different constellations. Like others at Rainbow Community House, Ben is a committed ally of the queer community and to being accountable for tackling the effects of hetero and cis-normativity and other forms of discrimination.

Kerry Manera (She/Her)


Kerry has recently returned to her hometown of Perth after nearly 18 years in the UK. She trained there as a counselling psychologist and spent years working with sexually and gender diverse people in private practice, charities and the national health service, including the Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic. She also worked in the homelessness sector for 10 years in residential and outreach services. Before moving, Kerry studied at Curtin University and volunteered at the WA AIDS Council.

In London, Kerry sat on the board of a primary school for several years as a parent governor, advising on developing inclusivity and support of gender equality, sexuality and gender diversity. She also trained peer youth educators in a sexual health service. Kerry is very aware of how family values can help or hinder a person’s ability to express themselves freely, and how distressing it can be when one’s community or culture conflicts with other parts of their identity.

When working as a therapist, Kerry spends time getting to know her clients before agreeing with them how to help tackle their problem in a way that works best for them. This may be exploring something that doesn’t make sense, helping to make an important decision, or working in a more structured way to reduce symptoms or emotional pain.

She is a passionate ally to the queer community and believes that every person has the right to be themselves without fear.

Aron RCH
Aaron, a white, thin person with short light blue hair and hearing aids, wearing a black shirt, smiling and standing against an LGBTQIA+ flag which includes the trans flag with black and brown colours to symbolise the People of Colour (specifically black and brown trans women) who were the driving force behind the movement of Pride.

Aaron Wilke (They/Them)


Aaron grew up in Perth (Wadjuk Country) and has recently returned after living up North in Ballardong country. They are a disabled and trans counsellor, who has been working with young LGBTQIA+ youth for almost ten years, with a focus on healthy relationships, empowering explorations of sexuality and gender diversity, and sexual health. They are particularly passionate about access and inclusion, and the value of intersectional voices.

They believe in the process of viewing our challenges as separate from ourselves, and considering the political, cultural and community impacts upon our beliefs, experiences, feelings and actions. They know that everybody has automatic value, and everybody should be allowed to access safe change on their voyage toward self-growth and self-acceptance.

In their spare time they walk their cat, write music, and create art that intends to explore some of the less conventional ways people experience and connect with community.  

Pratik Rimal (He/Him)

Social Media Consultant

Pratik comes from Nepal and is currently doing his Masters in International Business and Entrepreneurship at Curtin University. He has more than five years of working with not-for-profit organizations as a communications person in which he generated field stories, liaised with the media and donors, and contributed towards advocacy and fundraising by creating an array of communication materials. Pratik was also a journalist and he headed the digital media department of a leading national daily newspaper to drive the company’s digital content creation and audience engagement.    

At Rainbow Community House, Pratik is working to drive digital media engagement, step up advocacy and fundraising campaigns and contribute towards the organization’s vision to eliminate suicide among LGBTIQA+ young people aged 12-25.

He is a passionate ally of the LGBTIQA+ community and believes that everyone is beautiful, and each individual deserves respect, support, and opportunities of growth.

Pratik Rimal, Social Media Consultant, Rainbow Community House