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Supporting & Building Connections

  Supporting & Building Connections

Social and cultural attitudes that support discrimination towards the LGBTIQA+ community not only affect young people but also their family relationships. In some situations, family members may be doing their best to support a young person through gender affirmation. However, they may be struggling to do so in ways that are acceptable and experienced as useful by the young person.

Sadly, for others, this might not be the case and many queer youths suffer numerous challenges due to homophobia, transphobia, interphobia, or just the fear of coming out. These experiences could lead to homelessness, estrangement from family, poor mental health outcomes, and increase the risks of self-harm. Hence, it is essential to guide and support LGBTIQA+ youths through gender affirmation and help them on their journeys to build connections with people they can trust, who accept them for who they are becoming and support them in the process.

We are a family and friend inclusive service in that we seek to support (where appropriate) the connections and relationships that are important to young people and support people to forge new connections. We aim to be flexible and creative in the way we work and in response to what might fit best for each individual young person and their family / those who care about them.

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